Permanent lip color is the best friend you never knew you needed! No more messing with lips stains that settle in the creases of your lips and corners of your mouth and no more crying in the cosmetic aisle when you discover your favorite shade of lipstick has been discontinued. Imagine going through your whole day without having to check your lipstick in the mirror for a touch-up or worrying about lipstick on your teeth…it’s life-changing! From soft tones to deeper, rich reds and corals, I will help you find the color that best suits your skin tone and your preference.

At Wake Up With Makeup, I always adhere to strict sterile practices by using one-time use only needles that are opened sterilely in front of the client. As a registered nurse with almost 30 years of experience I know and understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment to prevent cross-contamination and infections.