Beautifully shaped eyebrows enhance your eyes and are like a lovely frame enhancing the beauty of a painting.

At your consultation, you and I will discuss how you would like your brows to look. We will explore various shapes, techniques, and colors available to help you decide what is the best shape, color, and style for you.

If you have previously had your eyebrows tattooed, we kindly request you email a picture of your brows before making an appointment. I will not correct color or shape from another artist’s work. Please contact me beforehand so we can discuss your options. Should you arrive for your appointment with tattooed brows from another artist and you have not contacted me prior to the appointment regarding this, your procedure will be cancelled and you will forfeit your deposit.


Microblading is a technique used to create very realistic hair-like strokes on the upper layer of the skin with a specialized hand tool. It creates the most natural-looking brows. Due to the nature of the healing process with microblading, it is a two-step process that requires the initial visit followed by a touch-up appointment.

However, microblading isn’t always the best fit for every client. Those with large pores or oily skin often find the end result is less crisp and more blurred than expected. Additionally, clients with darker skin will not notice a very defined hair stroke.

If you find that the initial results did not retain well on your particular skin type/tone, it can easily be changed into a beautiful soft powder filled brow at your follow-up visit.


This technique is less invasive and less traumatic to the skin. Unlike the hand tool that is used for microblading, a tattoo machine is used to create a soft powdery brow that looks like traditional brow makeup. After mapping out and drawing a custom brow designed to suite your unique face shape, skin tone and brow hair color, the pigment is implanted into the upper layer of the skin. The powder brow is best suited for women who desire a beautiful bold brow. The Ombre brow will be darker and more defined in the tails and bottom of the brow and gradually soften along the top and from of the brow creating a very natural looking brow.


In addition to framing your face with beautiful brows, I also offer eyeliner and lip tattooing to help enhance your most beautiful features.

From subtle to bold, shadowed or defined, permanent eyeliner is a great for every women. Not only does it help your lashes appear denser, but it also provides convenience for those busy mornings when you don’t have time to slow down and give it the attention it needs! Additionally, permanent eyeliner can be exceptionally helpful for those with vision problems or unsteady hands. Swimming, showering, and exercising can be enjoyed without smeared eyeliner.

Permanent lip color is the best friend you never knew you needed! No more messing with lips stains that settle in the creases of your lips and corners of your mouth and no more crying in the cosmetic aisle when you discover your favorite shade of lipstick has been discontinued. Imagine going through your whole day without having to check your lipstick in the mirror for a touch-up or worrying about lipstick on your teeth…it’s life-changing! From soft tones to deeper, rich reds and corals, I will help you find the color that best suits your skin tone and your preference.

At Wake Up With Makeup, I always adhere to strict sterile practices by using one-time use only needles that are opened sterilely in front of the client. As a registered nurse with almost 30 years of experience I know and understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment to prevent cross-contamination and infections.