Lip Tattoo Services

Our lip tattooing services are some of our most popular permanent makeup procedures, often chosen by our returning clients to complete their look. Various techniques are available including full permanent lips, lip blushing and lip liner.

Full Lip Color

$650 with a $150 touch up fee 6 to 8 weeks after initial procedure.
Don’t have time to reapply lipstick all day? Permanent lip color will add fullness to your lips, correct uneven lip lines and provide definition without any of the hassle or mess of lipstick.

Color Refresh

1st year $300;
2nd year $400;
3rd year $500
after 4th year $600
after 5 years all procedures are full price

The process is considered permanent because the pigment is implanted into the skin’s dermal layer, so it cannot be washed off, though it will lighten over time, and color refreshes will give it new life.

If you have had permanent makeup done by another artist you must contact our office before we can accept you as a client.

Examples Of Our Lip Work

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