Areola Tattooing

Areola and nipple reconstruction and repigmentation is a medical form of permanent makeup, and is proudly provided to a world class standard at our clinic. Chosen by breast cancer survivors who have undergone a single or double mastectomy procedure, areola tattooing helps restore femininity and confidence.

Post-Mastectomy Nipple Tattoo

Unilateral (one side) $400 with a $50 touch up fee 6 to 8 weeks after initial procedure.
Bilateral (both sides) $800 with a $150 touch up fee 6 to 8 weeks after initial procedure.
3D Areola/Nipple Color Refresh $150 per side (current clients only)

My 3D nipple and areola repigmentation technique is a tattoo procedure offered to clients who have undergone mastectomies due to breast cancer. This medical tattooing technique requires advanced education, training and experience. This procedure is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a cosmetic tattoo artist by helping breast cancer survivors complete their final step in healing after reconstruction. Combining my artistic ability and understanding the use of highlights and shadows I can create the illusion of a nipple appearing to protrude. Clients feel this procedure helps them during the last part of their recovery to look complete and feel whole again with realistic life like nipples and areolas.

Color Refresh

1st year $300;
2nd year $400;
3rd year $500
after 4th year $600
after 5 years all procedures are full price

The process is considered permanent because the pigment is implanted into the skin’s dermal layer, so it cannot be washed off, though it will lighten over time, and color refreshes will give it new life.

If you have had permanent makeup done by another artist you must contact our office before we can accept you as a client.

Examples Of Our Areola Work

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