What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup also referred to as Micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or dermal pigmentation, is a process whereby pigment is implanted beneath the epidermis (top layer of skin) into the dermal layer (second layer of skin) by either a tattoo machine or manual hand tool. Micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattooing where color is skillfully implanted into the second layer skin to resemble beautifully applied makeup.

Permanent cosmetics represent a revolutionary innovation in makeup and more and more women are enjoying the convenience they provide. Micropigmentation can be performed to enhance naturally the appearance of your eyes, eyebrows, and lips and give your facial features more color and definition. Permanent makeup is applied by Dawna Mainard a registered nurse who has extensive experience performing the Micropigmentation procedure.

Our PMU Services

Ombre Brows

Create a subtle, soft, shaded brow with ombre brows.

Full Lip Color

Rejuvenate the color of your lip border or the actual substance of the lip.

Color Refresh

Keep your results looking as good as the day you got them with an annual color refresh.

Microblade Brows

Create the illusion of fuller brows with the natural hairstrokes of microblading.

Permanent Eyeliner

The perfect solution to thicker, darker lashes and more defined eyes.

Areola Tattooing

Feel confident in your own skin again with this treatment and restore your identity.

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