I have been a nurse since 1991 and doing permanent makeup since 2002 – my goal is to exceed your expectations and establish a long lasting relationship of trust and commitment.


  • Associate Degree, applied Science, Nursing 1991
  • Graduated Phi Theta Kappa
  • Moore-Norman Vo Tech, Medical Micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup) 2002
  • University of Oklahoma, Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2011
  • Member of Sigma theta Tau International – Honor Society of Nursing
I have had my brows tattooed by someone else; can I still have my brows done by you?2021-09-07T20:32:01-07:00

If you have had your brows tattooed by another artist, please email me at wakeupwithmakeup@gmail.com before I can accept you as a client

How do you know what color to use?2018-10-12T22:00:07-07:00

Since our hair color changes even if we do not color it, it is recommended to choose a color that is close to the color of your existing brow hair.

How to you know how to shape my brows?2018-10-12T21:59:51-07:00

This is my favorite part; I love to design eyebrows! First we will discuss the different eyebrow techniques and which technique is best for you. While microblading is an extremely popular procedure it is not suitable for all skin types.  Next I will look at the overall shape of your face and existing brows (if any) and I will draw a custom brow design for you. Once I have a “template” drawn on I will continue to reshape the drawing until you love and approve the shape.

What is permanent Makeup?2018-10-12T21:59:36-07:00

Permanent makeup also referred to as Micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or dermal pigmentation, is a process whereby pigment is implanted beneath the epidermis (top layer of skin) into the dermal layer (second layer of skin) by either a tattoo machine or manual hand tool. Micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattooing where color is skillfully implanted into the second layer skin to resemble beautifully applied makeup.

Permanent cosmetics represent a revolutionary innovation in makeup and more and more women are enjoying the convenience they provide. Micropigmentation can be performed to enhance naturally the appearance of your eyes, eyebrows, and lips and give your facial features more color and definition. Permanent makeup is applied by Dawna Mainard a registered nurse who has extensive experience performing the Micropigmentation procedure.

May I still wear my contact lenses if I have my eyeliner tattooed?2018-10-12T21:59:17-07:00

If you wear contacts please remove them prior to your appointment and bring your eyeglasses with you. It is best to wait 24-48 hours before you resume wearing your contacts. If pigment is trapped under your contact it can cause a corneal abrasion, also putting your contact in immediately after your procedure can increase the chance of infection.

If I wear eyelash extensions can I still have permanent eyeliner?2018-10-12T21:59:01-07:00

Yes, but because there is an increased risk of infection you cannot have your eyeliner tattooed if you have eyelash extensions on. Please be sure to remove your extensions about one week prior to your procedure and do not reapply them for at least two after your final procedure.

What if I am using Latisse – can I still get an eyeliner procedure?2018-10-12T21:58:43-07:00

You may still get a permanent eyeliner procedure, though it is very important that you stop using Latisse at least 6 weeks before having a permanent eyeliner procedure. Any type of lash serum will cause more pain during the procedure and also bleeding which will decrease pigment retention.

Additionally, do not start using Latisse at least one month after you have completed your final procedure

Can I have permanent eyebrows if I have had Botox?2018-10-12T21:58:22-07:00

Absolutely! However, Botox can alter the placement of your natural eyebrows so it is advised to have your brows done prior to having Botox. We recommend waiting at least two weeks after your brow procedure before having your Botox.

What if I am planning to have plastic surgery?2018-10-12T21:58:07-07:00

It is recommended that you choose a conservative eyeliner staying within your natural lash line and refrain from having eyeliner “wings” if you are considering having a surgical eyelift (blepharoplasty). If you are considering a brow lift, however, you may wish to wait until after the healing process has been completed before your brow procedure.

Who is permanent makeup designed for?2018-10-12T21:57:50-07:00

Permanent makeup is perfect for anyone who desires freedom from daily makeup application. They are particularly effective for athletics, and those whose oily skin tends to shed or smear makeup easily. Additionally, people with little time to apply and reapply makeup will see the wonderful convenience of its application.

Those with allergies to conventional makeup, eyesight problems, or who suffer from arthritis or shaky hands will no longer have to worry about their makeup.

Lastly, anyone who suffers from alopecia, light or thinning eyelashes, or who no longer have eyebrows due to a disease may seek permanent makeup as an effective solution.

There are many choices depending on what you want. Whether you suffer from arthritis, vision problems or simply have a hard time just applying your makeup permanent makeup is your answer.

The benefits of this exciting procedure are being discovered by more and more women and men, those with poor eyesight and unsteady, arthritic hands find permanent makeup beneficial. Women and men with an active lifestyle enjoy the freedom of looking their best even under the most active conditions. 

Is permanent make up really permanent?2018-10-12T21:57:36-07:00

The process is considered permanent because the pigment is implanted into the skin’s dermal layer, so it cannot be washed off, though it will lighten over time. With proper skin care such as the application of sunscreen, the color of the pigment can last for several years. Every person’s skin is different with regards to pigment retention, however, and pigment longevity is further affected by your age, skin thickness, any scars, and the use of skin care products. While permanent makeup can last for several years, color boosts are recommended every 1 to 3 years.

What can I expect during my consultation?2018-10-12T21:57:17-07:00

We will discuss your particular needs and expectations and review your medical history prior to any procedure. As a nurse Dawna is experienced at looking at a client’s medical history, medications and overall health to determine if permanent makeup is a safe option (not everyone is a candidate for permanent makeup).

Together we will discuss the brow shape which may best flatter and frame your face, how best to enhance your eyes or lips and which color selections will work best with your skin’s undertones, Dawna, is an artist and very skilled at blending pigments to perfectly match your skin tone . We will work together as a team to determine the best plan for your cosmetic procedure before any work is begun. After your procedure we will carefully discuss any post procedure care instructions and provide any necessary products and a take home copy of all instructions.

Is the procedure safe?2018-10-12T21:57:00-07:00

Strict sterilization guidelines are followed for every procedure in accordance with all OSHA and CDC standards, as well as the Oklahoma Health Department. We work hard to ensure your maximum safety and comfort

Single use, disposable needles are used for every procedure and all pigments are made from approved compounds and mixed specifically for use in permanent cosmetics.

Does it hurt?2018-10-12T21:56:45-07:00

Dawna uses a prescription-strength compound for all procedures. Formulated by a local pharmacy, this compound is one for the safest, strongest topical anesthetics available.

As a registered nurse, Dawna is able to use medicine to make your experience more comfortable for all procedures.

Everyone’s tolerance level for pain is different, though most clients will agree that permanent makeup procedures are much less painful than they ever expected.

  • While it is Not Recommended; you may bring a guest however they are Not allowed in the treatment room as it is very distracting; instead they are welcome to remain in the waiting area. Please do not bring children with you for your procedure as only the client is allowed in the procedure room and children cannot be left in the waiting area unattended (your procedure will be cancelled and you will forfeit your deposit). I work as a guest in a very busy surgeon’s office and must respect his patients; and I can only accommodate my client.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing you are not a candidate at this time and must wait!
  • You must be off Accutane for at least one year (Accutane is a medication to treat severe acne)
  • If you have had previous permanent makeup please contact our office (Dawna does not work on anyone with previous permanent makeup on their brows by another permanent makeup artist – No Exceptions)
  • Hair transplant for your eyebrows – You are not a candidate; Pigment will not take in the scar tissue where the plugs were placed
  • If you have extremely oil skin with large pores; microblading will not heal crisp and not recommended. You are a perfect candidate for powder/Ombre brows!
  • If you use any type of eyelash serum (on your eyes or brows) please stop using it at least one month prior to your procedure. No Exceptions! Your procedure will be more painful and you will not retail color.
  • Our scheduling is very structured so please arrive early to fill out your paperwork. If you are running late please call us so we can reschedule your appointment (If you arrive late you will be rescheduled)
  • Please do not have a tan or sun burn on your face at the time of your appointment (tan skin is injured skin and not suitable for a tattoo). Tan skin bleeds, heals poorly and colors will not retain properly.
  • Botox should be performed two months before or 3 weeks after your procedure
  • No chemical peels or laser 60 days prior and must wait 60 days after
  • Retinols/Retin A, chemical peels or other anti-aging creams containing acids will cause premature fading of your permanent makeup.
  • Do not schedule your appointment right before a big event, remember there is a healing process that involves scabbing and your procedure much remain dry during the healing process (No swimming, not sweating).
  • Our office and Dawna reserves the right to refuse services if we feel the results will not be to the client’s satisfactions. Permanent Makeup is an art not a science and there are No guarantees and No refunds.
  • Dark skin eyebrows will not appear as bold as lighter skin types and will heal more powdered which is why microblading is not recommended. Eyeliner is not recommended for dark skin as it will never heal as dark as traditional eyeliner makeup.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine the day before and day of the procedure, this will minimize oozing/bleeding or swelling after the procedure.
  • Getting a procedure while on your menstrual cycle can make you hyper-sensitive at the procedure site.
  • If you get your eyebrows waxed or tinted, please have this done at least 7 days prior to your scheduled procedure. It is recommended to wait at least 10 days to have them waxed and 30 days for tinting after the procedure.


  • There may be slight swelling which may cause your brows to look a little uneven for the first 24-48 hours
  • Gently blot your brows with the provided gauze for the first several hours
  • Wash your brows the morning after you procedure with a gentle soap (this is the last time you will get them wet until all crusting has exfoliated.
  • Keep area DRY until healed! 
  • Do Not force removal by picking, scratching or washing. (You will cause scaring and pigment will heal patchy)
  • In one week apply the ointment that will be provided (Do Not use any other ointments on your procedure)

Avoid the following until healed:

  • Soaps, facial cleansers and water on pigmented area. You can wash your face just avoid your brows.
  • No makeup on your brows until they are healed
  • Retin A and Glycolic Acids on pigment areas (Ever! – this will cause premature fading)
  • Touching with fingers
  • Sun, tanning beds
  • Chlorine pools, Jacuzzis or saunas
  • Hot, steamy, long showers. Shower with your back to the water to avoid water on your face, avoid shampoo and conditioner getting onto your brows

Additional information:

If you have oily skin, microblading results will appear softer in appearance and may require additional procedures. Eyebrows will appear bolder immediately after the procedure, but will soften as the skin heals. Do not resume any method of hair removal for least two weeks. For long term care use a sunscreen daily.


  • Mild to moderate amount swelling is expected. The wider the liner, the more swelling to be expected. Sleeping propped up on pillows with help reduce swelling
  • Avoid food high in salt for a few days, as this can increase puffiness around the eyes.
  • Keep the eyeliner dry until healed. If slight crust appears on the pigmented surface do not force removal by picking, scratching or washing. (You will cause scaring and poor retention).
  • No makeup on your eyes until healed.
  • In one week after your procedure apply the ointment that is provided sparingly at night using a Q tip.
  • If you wear contacts please remove them and bring your glasses to your appointment. You should not wear your contacts for 24 to 48 hours to prevent the possibility of infection.

Avoid the following until healed:

  • Avoid swimming in pools, lakes, ocean, Jacuzzis
  • No eye makeup until healed. (Makeup has bacteria and will cause an infection). It is a good idea to buy a new tube of mascara to use after your eyeliner is healed
  • Do not touch your eyeliner with your fingers; you will transfer bacteria to your eyes which will cause an infection. If you have pets please keep them away from your face.


  • You can expect mild to moderate amount of swelling.
  • Lips will tend to be dry, keep them slightly moist using a Q tip to apply a very small amount of ointment that will be provided. Gently blot ointment from your lips before reapplying more.
  • Peeling will occur, do not force removal by picking, scratching or washing as this will cause scaring and loss of color.
  • Your lip color will be very vivid immediately after your procedure but will heal much softer

Avoid the following until healed:

  • Avoid teeth bleaching for a minimum of 3 weeks.
  • Avoid direct sun and tanning beds on pigmented area (always us a lip balm with sunscreen)
  • For 2 weeks try not to wipe your lips with a napkin while eating.

Additional information:

During your healing process drink through a straw – even hot coffee or tea. If you have a history of cold sores, canker sores and/or fever blisters on the lips, chin or nose you will require an antiviral prescription. Please call our office and provide your pharmacy number so we may be able to call this prescription in for you.